Getting Started

You may have heard the homophone "Zeroscaping" for Xeriscaping. Zeroscaping generally means copious amounts of gravel and cactus or the odd yucca. Xeriscaping emphasizes plants adapted to our region, rather than the lack thereof.

Are you considering xeriscaping part or all of your yard? What are your objectives? Lowering your water bill? Attracting pollinators? Lawn? Just the front? Just the back? Problem area? Make your yard more interesting?

Be realistic not only about your budget but about how your yard maintenance will change. "Going xeric" doesn't mean there will be no maintenance. Unfortunately, there will always be weeding.

Don't feel like you have to get everything done in one year—gardens take time to mature and we are happy to consult with you along the way, help you with understanding your design choices, or pitch in with labor.



As you look through the examples in our Portfolio, you'll notice that initial plantings look spacious. Don't be afraid to plant small. This helps with your budget. It will take some time, but plants will reach their mature size and, in the end, not look overcrowded. "First year sleeps, second year creeps, third year leaps!"

Different people have different ways of dealing with projects. We hope to provide a couple of options for each of these topics: design, lawn euthanasia, irrigation, mulching, and maintenance.